About Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions is a logistics sourcing, management, and consulting company that brings efficiency and optimization to supply chains across a wide range of industries. We offer consulting services, sourcing, and management for small and large businesses looking to better invest in and manage their supply chains.

Our expertise extends to all industries. We understand the intricacies, regulations, and best practices involved in managing the storage, movement, and sourcing of products in any industry. No matter what you ship, and where it’s going, we can help you get it there.

Our Three-Pronged Approach

Consulting and Strategy

We work with clients to fully analyze their supply chains to identify inefficiencies and determine where capital is being spent. After a baseline of data is collected, we create strategies that streamline systems and internal processes and allow you to get the most out of your supply chain investments, all while helping you enhance your services and maximize revenue.

Sourcing and Savings

We have strong buying power across a vast network of warehousing and transportation providers and other supply chain partners. We help you negotiate rates and select the best storage and transportation options based on the type of freight you move, where it is going, and the speed it needs to get there. We specialize in everything from strategic warehousing to domestic and international shipping options.

Management and Execution

Our managed transportation solution is designed to meet the specific needs of our clients across their transportation network. We use state-of-the art technology and best practices to accurately classify and track inventory and freight, plan effective routes and shipping methods, and collect data that can be used as actionable business intelligence to further optimize your supply chain.


Who We Work With

Our solutions are used by small and large businesses across all industries. We give each client, no matter how small, the individual attention their supply chain needs. We have the sophistication, expertise, and technology of the largest logistics providers, but our dedicated account teams give you the attention your business deserves. When you work with Supply Chain Solutions, you have a long-term dedicated partner who acts as an extension of the logistics arm of your business.

Our Internal Culture

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