Transportation Management System

Plan, Execute, and Optimize Your Supply Chain.

Bring visibility, accountability and transparency to your supply chain with our advanced transportation management system (TMS). Our logistics platform uses cutting-edge technology, combined with our decades of experience in supply chain management, to help your business optimize and improve how your goods are moved. From raw goods to your finished products, we provide visibility in your supply chain, helping you maintain compliance and ensure that your shipments are delivered on time.

Whether you’re shipping by road, rail, air, or ocean, we bring deep visibility to your freight while it’s in motion. Our TMS allows you to react quickly to incidents, provide by-the-minute updates to necessary parties, collect data for future supply chain strategy and planning, and better serve your customers. The data you collect such as order patterns, seasonality of products, and geographic locations of customers can be leveraged to help you increase sales, reduce your costs, and grow your business.

Our Transportation Management System

Provides Improvements Through Multiple Core Functions

  • Supply chain planning and decision-making: from choosing the best carrier to optimizing routes and avoiding delays.
  • Transportation execution: from documenting and tracking shipments to freight billing and compliance.
  • Transport follow-up: real-time information exchanges with supply chain partners including carriers, distributors, manufacturers, etc.
  • Measurement and Optimization: track performance and collect and analyze detailed shipping data to increase transportation intelligence.
  • Custom high-level management dashboards that allow you to have visibility on even the smallest details of your supply chain.

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