The SCS Approach

Your Trusted Supply Chain Partner

Our mission and approach, with every company we work with, is to become a true logistics partner and not just another shipping vendor. We take a solutions-oriented and customer-centric approach to your business by ingraining ourselves in your operations, pinpointing and eliminating inefficiencies in your supply chain, and helping you invest more effectively in everything you do. We partner with your internal teams to build an effective and optimized supply chain with streamlined internal processes that drive continual improvement. We carefully analyze where capital is being spent in your supply chain and use that collective intelligence to help you become more efficient, enhance your customer service, and maximize ROI.

Our Background

Service Driven. Results Focused.

At Supply Chain Solutions, we take the time to learn and understand your KPIs and tailor solutions that help you achieve them. It’s not only about the services we provide, but also about solving the supply chain challenges your business faces. Whether you have challenges sourcing transportation providers, navigating the complexities of international shipping, or simply want to optimize how you invest in and manage your supply chain, our dedicated experts provide the strategy, tools, and hands-on management of a custom logistics program designed for your unique business. Our work doesn’t stop after we onboard your business. We’re committed to continuous improvement, and “maintaining the status quo” simply isn’t in our vocabulary.

Our Process

SCS Managed Transportation Process



Interpret and advise based on business data.
Client-specific KPIs.
Standardized and custom reporting.



Physical network analysis.
Information network mapping.
Network service requirements.



Carrier sourcing and negotiations.
Leverage over 30,000 transportation providers.



Centralized and local deployment.
24x7x365 Operations.


Continual Improvement

Weekly operations call / identify opportunities.
Quarterly Business Reviews / High level review of KPI’s.

Why Work with Supply Chain Solutions?

End-to-End Logistics Solutions

From domestic and international freight to warehousing and fulfillment, freight bill auditing, transportation management, and anything else related to your supply chain, we are your fully committed logistics partner.

Large Network of Carriers

We partner with an expansive network of domestic and international carriers who reliably ship goods by road, rail, ocean, and air. We can help you choose the best shipping method and route based on your schedule and budget.

Customer-Centric and Data-Driven

We provide the close attention to detail and intimate, customer centric service our clients can’t get from the “big solutions providers,” all while using the same cutting-edge technology to gather and analyze data and help you make the best decisions for your business. No shipping operation is “too small” for our team – but our expansive network means that we’ll scale with you as you grow.

Consultative Approach

We don’t consider ourselves a logistics vendor. We are a full-service solutions partner to our customers. We help you bring efficiency and effectiveness to the way you invest in and manage your supply chain, helping your business grow year after year.

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