Transportation Planning and Management

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On the surface, transportation planning and management helps bring efficiency to your supply chain while helping you move your freight and better service your customers. We handle the intricacies of your logistics so you have more time to focus on serving your customers and operating your business.

We partner with your business to bring efficiency (both in performance and cost) to your supply chain. Our experts analyze your business, its resources and processes, and your entire supply chain to help you bring down costs, eliminate inefficiencies, gain visibility, mitigate and manage risks, and improve your overall process to give you a competitive edge in your industry.

Our Transportation Planning and Management Services

Supply Chain Consulting

Our consultative approach brings efficiency to your supply chain while helping you solve your most pressing logistics challenges, improve KPIs, and improve compliance and transparency. We consult with businesses on everything from supply chain strategy and design to risk management, carrier sourcing and route planning, inventory and network execution, warehousing, and so much more.

Freight Bill Auditing

Our experienced freight bill auditors examine and validate freight bills, helping you streamline the overall process, gain better visibility, identify errors and inefficiencies, and lower your costs. We can help you identify fee changes, as well as dispute and avoid unnecessary surcharges and incorrect billing.

Transportation Management Systems

Our transportation management system is ready to integrate with your supply chain. Whether you’re a start-up or an enterprise-level business, our system will centralize your freight management processes. Our TMS not only allows your business to execute better, it also provides you with actionable business intelligence that can be used to choose better carriers and routes, document and track shipments, analyze detailed shipping data, and gain insights with custom reports.

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Our Unique Approach to Transportation Planning & Management

Our approach with every company we work with is that of being your logistics partner and not just another shipping vendor. We take a solutions-oriented and customer-centric approach to your business by ingraining ourselves in your operations, pinpointing and eliminating inefficiencies in your supply chain, and helping you invest more effectively in everything you do. We partner with your internal teams to build an effective and optimized supply chain with streamlined internal processes. We carefully analyze where capital is being spent in your supply chain and use that information to help you become more efficient, enhance your customer service, and maximize ROI.

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