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Whether you’re shipping pallets by the truckload or oversized freight via flatbed, we provide a full range of domestic shipping services that include both truckload and flatbed options. Our network of carrier relationships and expansive knowledge can help you match your product to the right equipment and carrier. We offer customized solutions based on your business and its supply chain needs.

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Dry vans: protect your freight from the elements with these fully enclosed trailers. Freight is generally loaded on pallets and has no temperature-controlled requirements.

Reefer vans: enclosed and refrigerated vans that offer temperature-controlled shipping and storage of foods, pharmaceuticals, and other perishable products and materials.

Flatbed trucks: flatbed trucks have no enclosure and are ideal for construction materials and equipment and other oversized items that cannot fit inside the enclosed trailers of dry vans. While dry vans can only be accessed from the back, these trailers can be loaded and unloaded from the back, top, and sides.

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