Our Customer-Centric Approach to Supply Chain Optimization


Supply Chain Solutions works with businesses across a diverse range of industries to help them improve their supply chains, build better relationships with their customers, and drive greater ROI for their businesses. We take a customer-centric approach to supply chain optimization, closely partnering with your business to analyze your current operation, create an effective logistics strategy, and efficiently implement into your existing business plan.

The result is both hard and soft dollar savings on your supply chain investments.

Supply Chain Solutions for Every Business

No matter the size, industry, location, or complexity of your business, we’ll apply the same customer-centric and data-driven approach to optimizing your supply chain. No business is too small, nor is any supply chain too complex for SCS to manage. We provide the “big 3PL reach” with our extensive carrier network and cutting-edge technology, all while giving your business the careful attention it deserves.

Our Customer-Centric Process


Our process starts with in-depth analysis and planning to ensure we take the right approach—the smart approach—to your supply chain. We begin with a deep dive into your business and its current supply chain operations, interpreting everything from performance to potential based on your initial business data. We work with you to understand your specific key performance indicators, helping you make initial changes to better align your business for success. From there, we set up a standardized and custom reporting to help you record your progress, analyze trends, and react accordingly to changes along the way.


We design and build supply chains based on the desired states of our clients—through a hard and soft dollar approach with an emphasis on improved sourcing to reduce costs and process improvement. Using physical network analysis, information network mapping, and the creation of network service requirements, we’ll help you plan out a process that improves your supply chain—from warehousing and fulfillment to shipping and transportation management— that makes the most of your budget and streamlines your internal processes.



After our initial discovery we get to work building your supply chain plan. Once we’ve built your supply chain model based on your unique specifications, we begin the sourcing process by using our vast network of carriers to obtain cost reductions, process improvements, and streamlined KPIs to capture your desired outcome.



With 24x7x365 operations and both centralized and local deployment, we bring your newly formed supply chain solutions to life. From warehousing and fulfillment to pick, pack, ship services, freight bill auditing, and a comprehensive transportation management system for data analysis and tracking, we manage your supply chain and logistics operations.


Continual Improvement

Our job isn’t finished once your supply chain model is implemented and we go live. Our partnership will continue to help you interpret and analyze incoming shipping and business data to devise smart strategies, drive continual improvements, and uncover new opportunities based on your specific KPIs. Using standardized and custom reporting for your business, along with weekly operations calls and quarterly reviews, you’ll be able to see your supply chain flourish, your customers’ satisfaction improve, and your revenue and profitability increase.

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