Our Focus on Efficiency Delivers Results

Results and Efficiency Focus

Nothing is more important to us than the results we achieve for your business. It’s how we hold ourselves accountable for our performance, and it’s how you know you are making the right investments in your supply chain.

At Supply Chain Solutions, we offer full visibility and transparency to the data related to your supply chain strategy and performance. From a comprehensive, cutting-edge transportation management system to custom reporting and quarterly performance reviews, you’ll always know if you are achieving your key performance indicators or if new strategies are needed.

Everything we do is designed to make your supply chain more efficient, flexible, sustainable, and better suited to serve your customers. It all begins and ends with data collection, visibility, and analysis.

Data that Brings Visibility, Accountability, and Business Intelligence

Client Specific KPIs

Getting aligned on the things that move the needle is critical. We analyze existing key performance indicators and work with you to create new key performance indicators to measure the progress of improvements and set you up for success.

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Standard and Custom Reporting

Every business is unique, so we set up comprehensive, customized reporting based on your business, customers, shipping operations, and KPIs, all to help you analyze, track, and improve performance.

Freight Tracking

No matter where your freight is going, we’ll help you track its movement. Whether it’s in a 40ft container on a cargo ship or on a truck headed out for home delivery, we provide visibility to every state it enters, every port it goes through, and every country it reaches.

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Freight Bill Auditing

We help you analyze freight bills for incorrect charges and other mistakes to ensure and validate that you are being charged accurately.

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Transportation Management Systems

Our TMS platform helps you plan and execute your supply chain, allowing you to collect and analyze necessary business intelligence that brings efficiency to your business.


Weekly Calls & Quarterly Reviews

Our dedicated account team conducts weekly calls with your business to help you create new opportunities and react to any issues your freight encounters. Additionally, we host quarterly supply chain reviews with your team to share insights on long-term data trends, review progress on your (and our) goals, and align on future strategies.

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