Freight Bill Auditing

Simple. Accurate. Streamlined.

Freight bill auditing can be a complex process, but it’s essential to ensure correct costs are validated. Many freight bill errors go undetected every day, costing companies money. Having a comprehensive freight bill auditing system can help you catch errors and avoid overpayments.

We provide comprehensive freight bill audits and evaluate your current auditing process, helping you create a streamlined process that identifies errors and duplications, ensures you do not overpay for services, and improves your relationships with carriers by paying them quickly and accurately. Our freight bill auditing experts account for human and processing errors that create inefficiencies and inaccurate charges, and bring simplicity to this complex but vital part of your supply chain process.

Our Freight Bill Auditing Services

  • Comprehensive freight bill auditing
  • Fixing clerical errors
  • Identifying incorrect product classifications and other shipment information
  • Finding discrepancies between rates quoted and billed
  • Eliminating duplicate invoices/charges and illegitimate accessorial charges
  • Checking for inaccuracies regarding freight mode, transit time, taxes/tariffs, fuel rates, and other miscalculations

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